Plasma cleaner

Non-damaging surface contamination removal for thin film deposition system and surface analysis.

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Corrosion resistant remote plasma source for ALD

Surface contaminations have been headache for many thin film deposition and surface analysis systems such as ALD, SIMS and XPS systems. SEMI-KLEEN remote plasma cleaner utilizes electrode-less inductively coupled plasma discharge technology to avoid metal sputtering issue on other types of plasma sources. Proprietary plasma source design reduces plasma potential, which determines the energy of ions that drift out of the plasma sheath. The key to achieve ultra-clean non-damaging surface contamination removal is to build a plasma source with very low plasma potential and to select chamber materials that can resist chemical attack from radical species generated in the plasma. Equiped with sapphire plasma tube and chemical resistant vacuum seal, SEMI-KLEEN plasma cleaner can support aggressive and sometimes corrosive plasma such as H2, NF3, CF4, H2S, HF and NH3.

Low pressure discharge technique improves the cleaning rate for process gases such as H2 due to lower recombination loss. XPS results show that SEMI-KLEEN plasma cleaner can complete remove hdyrocarbon carbon contaminations on InGaAs samples in 2 seconds.

Sample cleaning for ALD and XPS system

XPS analysis result of remote hydrogen plasma cleaning for InGaAs sample. Courtesy of Professor Kummel and Dr. Mary Edmonds in UCSD

Sample cleaning for ALD and XPS system

SEMI-KLEEN remote plasma cleaner for ALD system