TEM sample holder storage system for Thermo-Fisher (FEI), JEOL, Hitachi and Zeiss TEMs

Tergeo plasma cleaner

TEM sample holder vacuum storage system.

TEM sample holder vacuum storage system can store up to six TEM sample holders and samples under vacuum condition to help the sample outgas before analysis and keep the sample/holder clean.


1) Total six storage cells per unit

2) Each storage cell can be indivudually pumped or vented using solenoid valves. The remaining cells can still be kept under the vacuum when one of the holders is taken out.

3) Multiple storage systems can be chain linked to share a same vacuum pump. It can also share the same vacuum pump with the Tergeo-EM system.

4) It can be pumped by an oil-free dry scroll pump or by a turbo pump station.

5) All metal tubes under vacuum to minimize the outgas, thus reduce the contamination.