Tabletop plasma cleaner for contamination removal on SEM and TEM samples

Tergeo plasma cleaner

Tergeo-EM plasma cleaner for TEM sample rod and SEM sample clean

Tergeo-EM plasma cleaner is a special edition of Tergeo series plasma cleaner designed for SEM/TEM sample cleaning application. It replaces the quartz window in standard Tergeo plasma cleaner with a stainless steel adapter that can accept two TEM sample rods from different TEM vendors. Pin-mount SEM sample holders can be placed on the internal quartz plate for cleaning.


Most SEM users are familiar with the dark burn mark in SEM images. Those dark scan marks are e-beam induced hydrocarbon deposition. Due to low secondary electron yield for carbon element, hydrocarbon coated surface is usually much darker than clean surfaces, especially for SE (secondary electron) imaging at relatively low landing energy, such as 1000eV. Hydrocarbon contaminations on sample surface can significantly reduce the materials contrast at low landing energy, degrade image resolutions for high-resolution FE-SEM. To take advantage of high resolution capability on FE-SEM, it's important to remove the hydrocarbon contamination from the sample surface.


Tergeo-EM plasma cleaner is the only TEM/SEM plasma cleaner that has integrated both immersion mode plasma cleaning (samples are immersed in plasma) and downstream mode plasma cleaning (samples are placed outside the plasma) in one system. Downstream plasma clean totally eliminate the ion sputtering of samples. In addition, unique pulsed mode operation can generate extremely short plasma pulses to further reduced the plasma intensity for delicate samples. Patented plasma sensor technology monitors the plasma strength in real time. It helps user to set up right cleaning recipe for different types of samples.

Sample cleaning for SEM, FIB and TEM with remote plasma cleaners

Immersion mode plasma cleaning, plasma is generated inside the sample chamber. Samples are immersed in plasma.

Tergeo-EM plasma cleaner can meet all the requirements from high speed cleaning for heavily contaminated apertures and electrodes in electron optics column to gentle cleaning for samples like graphene, carbon nanotube, DLC (diamond-like carbon), carbon fiber or TEM samples on holey carbon grid. Tergeo-EM plasma cleaner is equipped with an oil free dry pump safe for oxygen service. Usually air or 80%Ar+20%O2 gas mixture can be used for SEM/TEM sample cleaning application. Two to three mass flow controlled gas delivery ports are available to mix multiple process gases.


TEM sample holder storage system

Vacuum storage and pre-pumping system for TEM sample holder and samples.