Typical applications of Tergeo series plasma system and EM-KLEEN/SEMI-KLEEN remote plasma sources

Laboratory plasma cleaner

Oxygen Plasma Etching and Treatment

Oxygen plasma has wide applications in photoresist stripping, descum, organic contamination removal, generating surface functional groups to improve adhesive bonding and coating strength.

Sample Cleaning for TEM, SEM and FIB

PIE Scientific offers two plasma cleaning & surface activation solutions for TEM, SEM and FIB users.

Photoresist Ashing, Descum and MEMS

Dry photoresist stripping or ashing is a rapid chemical etching process for the photoresist layer on the silicon wafers.

Microfluidics, PDSM, Glass Slides and Lab-on-a-hip

Microchannels have emerged as powerful tools for various biomedical applications. Control of surface properties is very important in high performance microfluidic devices.

Plasma Cleaning Prior to Wire Bonding

Plasma cleaning prior to wire bonding removes organic, oxide, and fluoride contaminations on the surface, promotes better interfacial adhesion for wire bond and chip packaging, reduces non-stick-on-pad (NSOP) and bond lifting problems.

Metal to Metal Composite Bonding

The strength of bonded joints is of great concern to the aerospace, automotive, medical device, and electronics industries. Bonding of metal to metal, composite materials, adhesive or thin coatings can be very challenging due to low surface energy, contamination or incompatible chemistry.

Plasma Treatment for Polymer

The inherent low surface energy of polymers and lack of appropriate functional groups causes coatings and adhesives to adhere poorly to these materials.

Thin Film Deposition and Surface Analysis

Surface contaminations especially the carbonaceous contamination have been a headache for many thin film deposition and surface analysis systems such as ALD, SIMS and XPS systems

Semiconductor Inspection, Review and Metrology

Many unique features of SEMI-KLEEN plasma cleaner are specifically tailored for the requirements of the semiconductor capital equipment industry.

Hydrocarbon contamination Removal on XPS, SIMS, AES

Hydrogen or oxygen in-situ downstream plasma cleaner for removing carbonaceous contamination inside XPS (PES), SIMS, AES, and other high vacuum systems.

Next Generation Lithography (NGLs) systems

EUV lithography (EUVL) has been used for sub 7nm nodes. EUV photon energy is almost 100eV. At such high energy, EUV lithography suffers many similar contamination issues as electron beam systems.

Plasma Clean Ultra-High Vacuum Chamber

A regular roughing pump can usually achieve a vacuum level around 10-3 Torr range in a short amount of time. To further reduce the pressure, a multistage vacuum pump system is required.

Plasma Treatment for Medical Device

For many medical devices, such as catheter, medical stents, intraocular lens, contact lens and metal implants, functional coatings are frequently applied to improve biocompatability and minimize harmful side effects.

Plasma Cleaner for Surface Activation and Cleaning

Plasma surface activation is a process to create active functional groups such as broken bonds on the surface to improve surface wettability and bondability.