Oxygen Plasma Cleaning, Etching and Surface Treatment

Typical applications

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Tergeo and Tergeo-plus oxygen plasma cleaner

Oxygen plasma has wide applications in photoresist stripping, descum, organic contamination removal, generating surface functional groups (hydroxyl and carboxyl moieties) to improve adhesive bonding and coating strength. It can turn the hydrophobic surface of the silicon wafer, PDMS, metal, plastic, polymer, and composite materials into hydrophilic. Oxygen plasma etching can also increase the surface roughness of polymer, thus improve bonding strength. Oxygen plasma treatment also has wide application in device packagings, such as wire bonding, die-attach, flip-chip underfill, and device encapsulation. Oxygen plasma treatment is an important step for microfluidic device fabrication by increasing surface wettability and bonding strength of silicon, glass, and PDMS.