Semi-KLEEN Sapphire Plasma Cleaner

Remote plasma source for aggressive and corrosive gases

SEMI-KLEEN sapphire remote plasma cleaner is designed to support aggressive and corrosive process gases. The plasma chamber has been replaced with the more chemically resistant sapphire tube. Vacuum seal design and chamber material selection have been optimized to support corrosive radicals inside the plasma. For applications that plasma etching of quartz chamber is a concern, SEMI-KLEEN sapphire is a better choice over traditional quartz chamber plasma source.

SEMI-KLEEN Sapphire plasma source
150W controller for remote plasma source

SEMI-KLEEN Sapphire remote plasma source and 150Watt 3U half-rack controller

SEMI-KLEEN sapphire remote plasma source has been used to deposit thin films, clean samples surface prior to thin film deposition in atomic layer deposition systems, and clean carbon and oxygen contaminations from a metal surface. Customer results show that SEMI-KLEEN plasma source can remove carbon and oxygen contaminants from InGaAs sample with just 2-second hydrogen plasma. SEMI-KLEEN Sapphire plasma source can be used on a downstream chamber pumped by a turbo pump or roughping pump only. It can be operated in the pressure range from <0.5mTorr to over 2Torr.

Remove carbon and oxygen contamination from InGaAs samples using hydrogen plasma
XPS analysis of contaminated InGaAs samples before and after 2 second hydrogen plasma cleaning