SEMI-KLEEN Downstream Plasma Cleaner

Contamination removal solution for semiconductor capital equipment

SEMI-KLEEN in-situ plasma cleaner is designed to meet the tough requirements of the semiconductor industry. It can be used on electron beam review systems (EBR), electron beam inspection systems (EBI), CD-SEM, electron beam lithography systems, EUV lithography (EUVL), and EUV mask inspectors. Besides all the standard hardware features on EM-KLEEN in-situ plasma cleaners, such as pressure sensor, automatic gas flow controller, plasma intensity sensor, temperature sensor, cooling fan, and LCD touchscreen controller, SEMI-KLEEN downstream plasma cleaner also integrates the latest plasma source design technologies from the semiconductor industry to reduce particle generation risk. Low particulate design on SEMI-KLEEN plasma cleaner has been qualified by semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers, and it outperforms the competition by multiple orders of magnitude. Standard SEMI-KLEEN plasma cleaner uses high-purity quartz tubes with external antennas. It can be used to generate air, O2, Ar+O2, H2, and Ar+H2 plasma at low pressure. Proprietary antenna design reduces plasma potential, thus reducing ion sputtering on the source chamber. In addition, chamber materials have been carefully selected to withstand plasma etching. Combined with proprietary dual-stage particle filtering technology, SEMI-KLEEN plasma cleaner can meet the toughest PWP requirement from customers like Intel, Samsung, and TSMC.

SEMI-KLEEN downstream plasma cleaner
75W controller for remote plasma source
150W controller for in-situ plasma cleaner

SEMI-KLEEN remote plasma source (left), 75W portable controller (middle), and 75W/150W 3U half-width rackmount controller for OEM integration (right)

SEM scanning marks before plasma cleaning
SEM image without black scanning mark

SEM sample cleaning before and after 6-minute remote plasma cleaning. No more hydrocarbon burn marks in the subsequent scan!

Feature list:

  • Dual-stage particle filtering technology that can remove almost all the particles larger than 3nm.
  • Low particulate high-reliability plasma source design technology for the semiconductor industry.
  • Option to support automatic RF impedance matching.
  • Instant plasma ignition at extremely low pressure. Users never need to worry about whether plasma ignites or not.
  • Electronic gas flow control with pressure sensor feedback control. Users can directly specify different source operating pressure. Plasma cleaner will maintain the set pressure by automatically adjusting gas flow through a servo feedback control loop provided by the pressure sensor.
  • Plasma probe monitors the plasma strength to guide user setup optimal recipe. Optimal gas flow can vary with different system pumping speeds and chamber sizes. Our plasma cleaner gives users the freedom to change gas flow electronically and optimize the source pressure based on the feedback from the plasma strength probe.
  • Microcomputer with a touchscreen user interface.
  • Intuitive remote PC control user interface through RS232/RS485 protocol.
  • Customizable SmartSchedule function on the microcomputer can take care of your system autonomously.
  • Support 60 customizable recipes.
  • Active fan cooling for high-power high-speed cleaning.
  • Overtemperature interlock protection.