SEMI-KLEEN UHV Plasma Cleaner

Ultra-high Vacuum Compatible Plasma Source

SEMI-KLEEN UHV remote plasma cleaner is a special version of the SEMI-KLEEN series plasma cleaner for ultra-high vacuum (UHV) chamber and sample cleaning application. The plasma source body is constructed by a glass tube brazed to the stainless steel flanges. All the vacuum joints are glass-metal brazing or metal-metal contact. No polymer sealing are used inside the source body. The backside of the plasma source is a 1/4″ male or female VCR connector. The front side flange is CF2.75″ (DN40CF) stainless steel.

SEMI-KLEEN UHV remote plasma cleaner, remote plasma source, plasma generator
SEMI-KLEEN UHV plasma source
150W controller for remote plasma source
75W/150W SEMI-KLEEN controller
75W controller for remote plasma source
75W SEMI-KLEEN controller

SEMI-KLEEN UHV remote plasma source and controllers

There are two ways to control the gas flow for SEMI-KLEEN UHV plasma cleaner: manual needle valve or external MFCs. SEMI-KLEEN controller can drive two external MFCs and mix two process gases automatically. If external MFCs are used to control the gas flow rate, the recipe can specify the gas flow rate for each MFCs.