TEM Specimen Holder Vacuum Pumping & Storage Station

TEM specimen holder vacuum pumping station for ThermoFisher (FEI), JEOL, Hitachi, and Zeiss TEMs

TEM specimen holder vacuum pumping and storage station
TEM specimen holder vacuum pumping station

TEM specimen holder vacuum pumping station can store up to six TEM specimen holders under vacuum conditions to help the sample and holder outgas, remove water condensation, and keep the specimen and the holder clean. It can also be used for leak-check on the specimen holders.


  1. Total six storage cells per unit
  2. Each storage cell can be individually pumped or vented using solenoid valves. The remaining cells can still be kept under the vacuum when one of the holders is taken out.
  3. Multiple storage systems can be chain-linked to share the same vacuum pump. It can also share the same vacuum pump with the Tergeo-EM system.
  4. It can be pumped by an oil-free dry scroll pump or by a turbopump station.
  5. The vacuum pump is separated from the storage station, easy to maintain, and service the pump if necessary.
  6. All metal tubes under the vacuum to minimize the outgas, thus reducing the contamination.
  7. The stabilized operation temperature is slightly higher than the room temperature, which helps the specimen holder outgas faster.

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