Tergeo-Plus Plasma Cleaner

Large chamber tabletop plasma cleaner for R&D, low to mid volume production.

The only difference between Tergeo-plus and Tergeo plasma cleaner is the size of the sample chamber. The inner diameter of the sample chamber has been increased from 110mm in Tergeo to 160mm in Tergeo-plus. The depth of the sample chamber is the same, e.g. 280mm.

Tergeo Plus Plasma Cleaner

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Application of Tergeo-plus plasma cleaner is similar as the standard Tergeo plasma cleaner, except that it can accommodate larger samples. Here are list of typical applications:


  • Large sample chamber (ID:160mm, L280mm). Enough to accommodate a 4-inch wafer boat and one 6-inch wafer.
  • Cleaning modes: Immersion plasma cleaning for high speed etching and surface modification; remote plasma cleaning for gentle surface contamination removal, such as SEM/TEM sample cleaning; pulsed operation to generate plasma with average rf power less than 0.5watt for extremely delicate samples.
  • Operation methods: Automatic recipe execution; automatic job sequence execution; manual operation.
  • Plasma sensor: dual plasma strength sensor (patent pending) monitors in-situ plasma source and remote plasma source. Plasma strengths are displayed on the LCD touchscreen display in real-time.
  • Advanced process control capabilities: pressure sensor, temperature sensor, gas flow rate meters in MFC, dual plasma strength sensors, automatic impedance matching.
  • Chamber materials: Aluminum flange and thick-wall high purity quartz tube offer enhanced chemical resistance and reduction of alkali impurities (Ca, K, Na) found in pyrex glass.
  • Sample holder: 2mm thick high purity quartz plate
  • Chamber size: inner diameter:160mm; outer diameter: 170mm; depth 280mm
  • RF electrodes: External rf electrodes and antenna design reduces metal sputtering compared with internal metal electrodes in other plasma cleaners.
  • RF power: 13.56MHz high frequency rf power supply with automatic impedance matching for in-situ plasma source. RF power has two options: 0-75watt and 0-150watt. 13.56MHz rf power generates plasma with much higher density than KHz power supply.
  • Gas input: Up to three MFC controlled gas input (0~100sccm). One additional port for venting and purging. ¼ inch Swagelok compression fitting connectors.
  • User interface: 7-inch resistive touchscreen, touch with fingers, no stylus required.
  • Recipe and job support: Total 20 customizable recipes. Up to three cleaning steps in job sequence.


  • AC input: 110V~230V universal AC power support
  • Pumping port: NW/KF25
  • Minimum pumping speed: 1 cfm
  • Ultimate pump pressure: 200mTorr or less