Tergeo-Pro Plasma system

Tergeo-Pro plasma system

Tergeo-Pro plasma system future increases the chamber diameter to 9″ (230mm) in diameter. The depth of the chamber increases to 13.4″ (430mm). Tergeo-Pro plasma system is bigger enough to hold an 8″ wafer. It’s also bigger enough for one or two 25/50 slot 6″ or 4″ quartz wafer boats. Tergeo-Pro plasma system can have 150-Watt, 300-Watt, or 500-Watt rf power. RF power can be adjusted at 1-watt intervals. The frequency of the rf power is 13.56MHz, which offers much higher plasma generation efficiency than the KHz rf plasma systems. Tergeo plasma systems not only adjust the rf power wattage, but they can also create continuous or pulsed plasma. The pulse ratio can be adjusted from 100% to less than 1%. Quartz chamber wall construction enables external capacitively coupled rf electrode design, which generates more uniform plasma across the whole chamber.

Tergeo-Pro Tabletop Plasma System
Tergeo-Pro plasma system

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The application of the Tergeo-Pro plasma cleaner is similar to the smaller Tergeo plasma system, except that it can accept much larger samples. Here is the list of typical applications:


  • Large sample chamber (ID: 9″/ 230mm, Depth: 13.4″ / 340mm). Enough to accommodate an 8-inch wafer, one or two 25/50 slot 6″/4″ quartz wafer boat.
  • Plasma discharge method: Capacitively coupled plasma discharge with external curved discharge electrodes.
  • Continuous and pulsed plasma. The pulse ratio can be changed from 100% (continuous) to less than 1%. Tergeo plasma system not only adjusts rf power wattage by the 1-watt interval but also creates continuous and pulsed plasma. Change the plasma intensity by more than several orders of magnitude.
  • Operation methods: Automatic recipe execution, automatic job sequence execution, manual operation.
  • Plasma sensor: plasma intensity sensor monitors the plasma status in real-time and provides quantitative feedback to users about the strength of the plasma at different recipe conditions. The plasma sensor can also monitor the progress of the plasma ashing process and serve as an end-point indicator. Plasma intensity is displayed on the LCD touchscreen display in real-time.
  • Advanced process control capabilities: pressure sensor, temperature sensor, gas flow rate meters in MFC, plasma intensity sensor, automatic impedance matching.
  • Chamber design: Aluminum flange and thick-wall high-purity quartz tube offer enhanced chemical resistance and reduction of alkali impurities (Ca, K, Na) found in pyrex glass.
  • Sample holder: 4mm thick high purity quartz plate, dimension: 220 mm X 280 mm.
  • Chamber size: inner diameter:9″/230mm; outer diameter: 9.44″/240mm; depth 13.4″/340mm
  • RF electrodes: External capacitively coupled rf electrodes wrapped around the quartz tube. The external rf electrode design enables larger and more uniform plasma volume and also eliminates the ion sputtering and heating issue associated with the internal metal rf electrode design.
  • RF power: 13.56MHz high-frequency rf power supply with automatic impedance matching. RF power has three options: 150 watts, 300 watts, and 500 watts at 13.56MHz. RF power can be adjusted at a 1-watt interval. 13.56MHz rf power generates much higher density plasma compared with the low-efficiency, low-cost KHz power supply.
  • Gas input: Up to three MFC-controlled gas inputs (0~100sccm). One additional port for venting and purging. ¼ inch Swagelok compression fitting connectors.
  • User interface: 7-inch resistive touchscreen, touch with fingers, no stylus required.
  • Recipe and job support: Total of 20 customizable recipes. Up to three cleaning steps in the job sequence.


  • AC input: 110V~230V universal AC power support
  • Pumping port: NW/KF25
  • Vacuum pumping speed: 3.5 cfm or higher.
  • The ultimate pressure of the vacuum pump: 50mTorr or less