Plasma Cleaner for SEM, FIB, TEM, XPS, ALD and High Vacuum Chambers

Principle of remote plasma cleaner for contamination removal in SEM, FIB, and other high vacuum systems.

Supports SEM, FIB, and TEM systems from Zeiss, JEOL, FEI, Hitachi and TESCAN

EM-KLEEN and SEMI-KLEEN plasma cleaners provide a gentle plasma cleaning solution for contamination control in high vacuum systems, such as SEM, FIB, AES, XPS, ALD, EUVL, etc. It consists of an LCD touchscreen controller and a remote plasma source. A remote plasma source should be installed on the vacuum chamber to be cleaned. The controller provides the RF power to the remote plasma source. It breaks down the process gas such as oxygen, hydrogen, or other gas mixtures and generates reactive radicals. Radical species will then diffuse into the chamber to be cleaned and react with the contaminants. The byproducts are usually low molecule weight, high vapor pressure molecules that can be easily pumped away. A remote plasma cleaner can clean vacuum chambers and samples at the same time. Our remote plasma cleaners can be used on SEM, FIB, and TEM systems from Zeiss, JEOL, FEI, Hitachi, and TESCAN. EM-KLEEN and SEMI-KLEEN have also been used to remove sample and chamber contaminations in XPS, SIMS, ALD systems, and other vacuum instruments. Option to support aggressive and sometimes corrosive plasma such as H2, NF3, CF4, and NH3 is also available.

SmartClean™ technology developed by PIE Scientific combines the most advanced plasma discharge technology in nuclear research and the semiconductor industry. Semi-KLEEN and EM-KLEEN plasma cleaner are far more advanced than previous generations of remote plasma cleaners. Our plasma cleaners can beat competitors on any specification. In addition, many unique features are only available on our product.

The intuitive user interface on touch screen controller and PC
More accurate surface analysis and better interface matching in ALD
Plasma cleaning improves image contrast, reduces charging instability
No hydrocarbon buildup even in a 10-minute long scan

Touchscreen controller and remote plasma source for electron microscopes and other high vacuum systems.

All-in-one tabletop plasma cleaner for contamination removal on SEM and TEM samples

  • Most tabletop plasma cleaners on the market can only be TEM/SEM plasma cleaners or ordinary plasma cleaners for etching and surface treatment. Tergeo-EM is designed to be an all-in-one laboratory plasma cleaner.
  • With a dual plasma source design, Tergeo-EM is designed to meet the requirements of almost all the laboratory plasma cleaner applications, such as photoresist ashing, high-speed sample cleaning and surface modification, TEM/SEM sample cleaning, etc.
  • The front cap can be easily taken out to load a large batch of samples into a cylindrical sample chamber (ID: 110 mm and depth of 280 mm). Samples can be placed on a rectangular quartz sample tray (100mmX250mm).
  • Immersion mode plasma cleaning can be used for photoresist ashing, PDMS/ MEMS device surface modification, medical device treatment, etc.
  • Downstream mode plasma cleaning can be used for fragile sample treatment, such as holey carbon grid for TEM samples, heat, and ESD sensitive devices, graphene, etc.